“Piano Cubano” album to be released in November 2017

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Yamile’s debut solo album to be released by Grand Piano in November 2017 with a world premiere recording of  “Emiliano”, a piece of Cuban composer Andrés Alén.

Some of the finest, most stylistically diverse and exciting Cuban piano music can be heard in this disc. Ernesto Lecuona is one the greatest of all Latin American composers for the instrument, his Malagueña being the most powerful representation of Spain in Cuban music. Drawing on the genres of son and canción Carlos Fariñas Cantero radiates vivid colour whilst Andrés Alén Rodríguez blends in his music song, habanera and jazz influences.

The Cuban pianist is planning live concerts in supporting the release of the album in 2018, with performances in Munich and Hamburg already being announced.

[GP758] PIANO CUBANO: Piano works by Lecuona, Farinas, Alen performed by Yamile Cruz Montero from Grand Piano Records on Vimeo.